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In The Kitchen With Fraud

Posted on Thursday, April 6, 2017

By: Josh Johnston, Data Scientist at Kount

When I want to spend all day watching something cook, I usually smoke a pork shoulder or nice rack of ribs. I don’t have the patience to watch bread rise. I do make a ridiculous falafel with tzatziki, though, which demands a quality flatbread. 

My flatbread recipe uses 3 cups of flour. There are a few billion grains of flour in those three cups. That’s how many transactions there are in the database we use to train our classifiers at Kount. My recipe also uses 1 tsp of salt. The mixture is 0.7% salt by volume. That’s about the chargeback rate many of our customers experience before they come to Kount. If we pretend the grains are the same size, we can imagine the grains of flour are good transactions and the grains of salt are bad ones.

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Fraud and Plaque Prevention: Both Powered by AI

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017

Now that January is behind us, it’s time to look back at all of the forward looking predictions that promise futuristic tech innovations. (No disrespect, we are even guilty of this.)

There is no question that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the darling of 2017 technology predictions hype—think: how people reacted to the entry of “Big Data” a few years ago. From an “AI toothbrush” unveiled at CES to poker to automated dermatology, AI is getting a lot of attention. Don’t believe us? A simple Google search will churn out 2,080,000,000 results in under one second. Receiving much less attention, however, are the very real technologies implementing AI in a constructive way.

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It Takes Two: Artificial Intelligence and Human Insight Join Forces to Better Combat Fraud

Posted on Thursday, March 19, 2015

Some things are just better together: peanut butter and jelly. Sherlock and Watson. Hall and Oates. These dynamic duos have demonstrated that the right pairing can yield better results – and the same applies to fraud solutions with the powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human insight.

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