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The Changing Landscape of Mobile Anti-Fraud Solutions

Posted on Monday, October 9, 2017

When it comes to mobile channel payments, the tools and solutions that online businesses prefer for detecting and preventing mobile fraud have changed over the past few years. The Mobile Payments & Fraud: 2017 Report provides a longitudinal perspective on the wide variety of tools, techniques, signals and services that merchants have used, use, or plan to use.

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Two in Three Merchants Get At Least 10% of Their Revenue from Mobile

Posted on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Of the 800 online merchants that responded to the Mobile Payments & Fraud: 2017 Report, 64% said that currently they get at least 10% of their revenue from the mobile channel. Two years from now, 80% of those merchants project that mobile will account for at least 10% of their sales. Further, in two years, mobile will make up at least half of all sales for more than 2.5x as many online businesses as it does today (26% of merchants in two years vs. 10% today).

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Nearly Half of Merchants Still Don’t Offer Dedicated Mobile Websites

Posted on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

You have heard it before and you will hear it again: mobile is on fire.* However, note the asterisk attached to that statement (which we will address shortly).

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An Already Complex Payments Space Gets More Curious

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2017

Payments revenue is projected to hit $2.3 trillion worldwide within 2 years. And as revenue grows, so does complexity. What should you look for (and look out for)?

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Mobile: The Root of All Evil or Source of All Goodness?

Posted on Thursday, May 26, 2016

Reading the headlines today, you could get whiplash from the contrasting way in which the mobile revolution is being portrayed. For the "Root of All Evil" angle, consider these stories:

  • A woman used her debit card to pay for a slot machine game app on her mobile phone and hours later discovered hundreds of illegitimate purchases totaling more than $5,000
  • T-Mobile’s CEO revealed a breach affecting 15 million mobile users: "Records include information such as name, address and birthdate as well as encrypted fields with Social Security number and ID number (such as driver’s license or passport number) and […] this encryption may have been compromised."
  • CBS News reported that a little-known global network called Signaling System Seven (SS7) is used by every mobile phone and has a security flaw that is an open secret among the world's intelligence agencies...and hackers. This security flaw can be used to intercept and record anyone’s calls, texts, or movements.
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